Air Sealing Services in Salt Lake City Utah and Along the Wasatch Front

The Most Important Improvement You Can Make

As a leading insulation contractor in Salt Lake City, ESCO Home Services offers an air sealing service that when completed, will make your home or commercial establishment more comfortable and energy efficient. By helping retain the conditioned air inside longer, your air conditioner or furnace will not have to constantly regenerate the conditioned air that escapes, resulting in lower utility bills. If you feel your home’s current insulation is lacking, having a comprehensive energy audit done will help determine how much air leakage is in your home, and what steps you may take to have proper air sealing.

Air Gets Through More Than Just Doors and Windows

Insulation becomes ineffective when air can still flow through small holes, cracks, gaps, and openings. When combined, most homes are proven to have air leaks that are equivalent to having a large window always remaining open. Large air leaks and drafts are easy to find, as they often come from actual openings of the home, like the doors and windows. These can be addressed with energy efficient replacements. However, there are also many openings that are not easily seen, and are usually present in attics, basements, and the crawlspaces hidden in the home.

Air Sealing The illustration above displays how warm air generated by heaters is able to rise into the attic by escaping through ceiling fans, recessed lights, and the door to the attic itself. While it is part of your home, the attic often does not need heating, as it is generally not occupied. There are also holes and gaps present there that are commonly not sealed by builders. An example of this would be the chase that holds pipes and wires to serve as a connection between the attic and the first floor, which allows the free exchange of air between the two spaces. The photo below is a ceiling corner of a home taken with an infrared camera. Insulation Air Leaks Shown with Infrared Camera The portion in blue indicates the presence of cold air, while the red and yellow represent warm air. This particular photo shows how cold air from the air conditioner of your home can find its way to the attic where it has no benefit. To make sure all areas where conditioned air can escape is properly sealed, it is recommended you work with an insulation contractor in Salt Lake City who has plenty of experience and expertise in air sealing homes. At ESCO Home Services, we continue to successfully provide air sealing services which addresses all holes and gaps in an attic. The materials we use include foam boards, spray foams, Tyvek or Typer, and many other safe and effective sealants. After we’re done, you can expect a significant increase in the comfort of your living area and less energy consumption.