Do You Have a Clogged Shower Drain?

January 7, 2019

Both men and women alike are often aggravated by the presence of hair in their shower. It is normal for both sexes to experience some degree of hair loss during their lives. However, this falling hair can soon create serious issues in the shower drain. Although men are also to blame here, women face the brunt of the blame because of their longer hair that causes more serious blockages.

Instead of dealing with a clogged shower drain, consider preventing the issue altogether by following the tips below.

(1) Purchase a hair catcher:

The hair catcher should be placed over the shower drain. After each shower, you can remove   the catcher and throw the hair it catches into the trash. These devices are sold at most supermarkets and hardware stores.

(2) Place several rags in front of the drain:

About an inch or two before the drain, you should place one or two rags that will act as a homemade hair catcher. They will allow water to pass down the drain as intended and prevent blockages from falling hair. Then, after your shower, you can do the same as you would with the catcher, gather the rags and throw the excess hair into the garbage can.

(3) Collect hair with your fingers:

When you are washing your hair, you will probably notice several loose strands collected on your fingertips. It is best to avoid washing these hairs with the water, as most people do, because this will cause a blockage in your drain. Instead, simply throw the loose hairs into the trash using a paper towel.

The above are tips for prevention. However, if you are already experiencing a clogged drain, then you can easily follow the tips below to solve the issue.

(4) Create a hook with a metal hanger:

Bend a hanger and use it to collect the hair in your drain. Place the recovered hairs onto a paper towel and toss them away. Although this method is time-intensive, it is quite effective if you have only a few hairs in the drain.

(5) Use your fingers:

Your fingers are a natural hook, and you can easily scoop the hair out using them. This can be a little disgusting, so only do this if you can handle it. Also, be sure to properly clean your hands afterwards.

(6) Hot water in the drain:

After using the above methods, you can pour (or run) hot water down the drain to wash out the remaining hairs.

It can cost you a lot of money in the future to fix the drains if you allow hairs to continually wash down the shower. More than this, if water collects on your shower floor, you are opening yourself up to health concerns. Then, be sure to follow the advice listed here to stop unwanted hair from clogging your drains.

If you notice a serious issue, then don’t hesitate to call the professional plumbers from ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric at (801) 204-9444