Electricians in Salt Lake City Utah and Along the Wasatch Front

ESCO has provided residential electrician services in the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas for over 35 years. Our licensed, trained electricians work on all sizes of jobs from the routine to the complex. Providing a safe home for our customers is our main focus. We not only perform all electrical repairs, replacements, and additions, we also provide an electrical safety inspection to ensure you and your family are safe and secure. All of our Electricians arrive in fully stocked trucks, enabling us to do the job while we are there.

Qualified Electrician Repair Services, Up-Front Pricing

For the best Electrician in Salt Lake City, ESCO is the right choice. Our Electrical repair and service is second to none. ESCO’s “NO SURPRISES” policy gives our clients peace of mind with our up front pricing on all of your electrical needs. You will know the price before we ever start the work.

Electrical Installation Services

Electrical Installation Services

ESCO Services provides a variety of electrical services including:

  • Residential Remodels
  • Commercial
  • State of the Art Lighting designed and installed
  • Appliance Wiring
  • Service and Panel Upgrades
  • Security and Landscape Lighting
  • Computer Power and Cabling
  • Hot Tubs
  • Emergency Standby Power Systems (Natural Gas & Propane Generators)
  • Motion Sensor Lighting and Switching
  • Timer Switches and Time Clocks
  • Replacing Fuses with Breakers
  • Roof & Gutter Ice Melt Systems
  • Lightning & Power Surge Arresters
  • Motor Power and Motor Controls
  • Smoke Alarms and Fire Alarm Systems
  • New Convenience Outlets (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • New GFCI Bath and Kitchen Outlets
  • Programmable Dimmers and Switches
  • Fluorescent Lighting Retrofits

Electricians in Salt Lake City, UT

If you are looking for the top electrician services in Salt Lake City and don’t know where to turn, you have come to the perfect place. The ESCO team has trained, educated and experienced electricians who will come to your home or business and meet your needs in the blink of an eye.

You will see why we have earned a reputation for delivering outstanding service to those who enlist our team. The way we approach each job gives our clients peace of mind, proving we are the right company for the task. Whether you need electrical replacement or electrical repair, ESCO has your back. This article covers some of the services we offer and reveals why you should call us when you need dependable solutions.

Electrical Residential Remodels

Remodeling a home is often a difficult task that presents a range of challenges you won’t want to face alone. Homeowners will sometimes try to redo their wiring without enlisting the help of a caring expert, which is a mistake that can cause a lot of harm.

They take that path to save money but end up paying much more over the long run, and you don’t want to follow in their footsteps. Instead of doing it yourself, contact a team of experts to manage your electrical work. You save yourself a lot of trouble and achieve peace of mind by doing the right thing for your situation, and you will be pleased with the way your project turns out.

Electrical Commercial Wiring

If you run or manage a business and can’t afford to take risks, let our experts handle the wiring on and around your property. We use caution with each step we take and pay attention to every detail, ensuring we provide the highest possible quality at all times.

No matter if you are installing new lights, adding a server room or tackling another project, we put your worries to rest by doing the hard part for you. Knowing your building is wired properly and in compliance with local safety regulations gives you confidence and puts your fears to rest. When you would like your business to stay safe and operational, we are ready to lend a hand.

Electrical Security and Landscape Lighting

Security and landscape lighting add a nice touch to your lawn, but it does much more than that. Security lighting discourages criminals by ensuring that police and security forces have a clear view of your property, and you will realize you have made the smart move.

Landscape lights can also highlight key areas of your property and give it an appearance that will never fail to grab attention or inspire interest. When you need someone to help with security and landscape lighting, ESCO is more than happy to do it. Let us give you a hand with your next landscaping project, and we are ready to deliver high-quality results you can trust. Giving your property a breathtaking look is only one of the many services we provide.

Electrical Computer Power and Cabling

As a business professional, you need a way to store and access client information, employee records and more. Having a server room lets you have fast and easy access to information when you need it the most. The problem, however, is that adding a server room to your property is a daunting challenge.

When you want to move forward but don’t know where to begin, you can reach out to our experts for guidance on which you can depend. Our team will set up the wiring and make sure the electrical aspects of your property are ready for your computers and other equipment. If the server room you already have is facing complications, you will be thrilled to learn we offer electrical replacement and electrical repair.

Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems

If you live or work in areas that have harsh winters, keeping snow from building up on your roof is essential. Most people don’t want to think about the threat, but ice and snow building up on your roof can cause your building to collapse, a risk you never want to take. Rather than exposing yourself to the danger, let us make sure your ice and snow melting system is operating at optimal efficiency. We can install a new system, repair the one you have or do an inspection to spot issues that could be present.

Electrical Fire Alarms

Whether it comes to your home or office, protecting yourself and your assets is critical. It’s even more important to safeguard the ones you love, preventing the unthinkable. Fires can spark in an instant and engulf entire buildings in minutes, and each second counts. Having an early warning when a fire breaks out could be the difference between life and death.

Our team can install fire and smoke alarms on your property to make sure you are safe, and few things compare to peace of mind. Our knowledge and experience let us keep fire alarms working in top shape so that our clients have nothing to fear. If you value safety and peace of mind, allow us to look at your fire alarm to verify it’s working as well as it should.

Why Us, ESCO Electricians in Salt Lake City, UT

At ESCO, we know you have a lot of options when it comes to hiring an electrician, which is why we take several steps to stand apart from the rest. You will get professional service from a friendly and caring team when you request our help, but that is not all. Our no-surprise approach means you will know the exact price of our service before you agree to anything, and you will never pay hidden fees or service charges.

Getting Started

While this guide covers some of our most popular services, it only highlights a fraction of what we do. We provide many more services to those who enlist our help and trust us to deliver quality results. If the service you need is not in the guide, our team will answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction. We care about you and will do what it takes to keep you satisfied. If you are ready to hire electricians who keep your needs in mind from start to finish, call ESCO today.