Furnace Repair Tips for Salt Lake City, UT Residents

When the cold months arrive, the furnace provides warmth in our homes. It is the popular choice when it comes to heating. Last thing we want to happen is for it to break down, especially when it does during the winter season. If you need information regarding furnace repair Salt Lake City UT, this article can help you.

Before we delve into the discussion as to the common problems in furnaces, let’s look at its inner workings. A typical furnace resembles a big box that contains the following:

  • Air filter
  • Thermostat
  • Gas burner
  • Circulating fan or blower
  • Draft fan

Heating the air using a furnace is nothing out of the ordinary. The cold air passes through the air filter and is then heated by the gas burner. The warm air is then circulated in the room using the circulating fan. The air is then processed to be filtered and heated before it exits into the room for circulation.

Common Furnace Problems

You can easily tell if your furnace is not working in good condition. To start off, simply check if its flame is continuous and full; otherwise, that becomes problematic. A sputtering flame would not be enough to generate enough warmth.

Problems occur in its parts. When you noticed reduced heat coming from the device, pay attention to its burner or air blower. Any malfunctioning of these components can affect the overall functioning of the instrument. Also, check for leaks on the furnace. If you smell gas seeping through the instrument, this suggests that you have a leakage. This could be very serious. Immediately open windows to allow fresh air and exit the home as quickly as possible and give ESCO a call.

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Not Producing Enough Heat

There are only two main reasons why the instrument is not producing enough heat. First, check of the thermostat is set on low; this can be easily remedied by changing the setting to its desired level. Should this solution not work, there could probably be a breakdown in the instrument’s thermostat or the fuse has blown. The problem could also be because of the accumulation of dirt in its filter or burner. If you are not familiar with the device, it will be best to seek help.

Get in touch with ESCO for Furnace Repair in Salt Lake City UT

Do you want to ensure that your furnace function properly? It is highly advisable to get the help of the professionals. For safety reasons, it is highly recommended that you call a serviceman to avert any likelihood or fire or explosion caused by the mishandling of the unit.

Avoid the inconvenience from having a broken furnace. Protect yourself from disaster. When you need dependable furnace repair in Salt Lake City, UT, contact the ESCO specialists. Call 801.204.9444 today.