HVAC Repair in Salt Lake City Utah and Along the Wasatch Front

Did you know around 87 percent of homes in the U.S. have an HVAC system? HVAC repair is essential for Salt Lake City homes. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, play a significant role in many American households. With the amount of energy consumed to power these HVAC units, it equals the amount used by the entire African continent. And to think, the home energy costs relating to HVAC use accounts for only 54 percent.

Air-Conditioning Units

In the West Coast area, about 74 percent of homes have air-conditioning units while it is 85 percent in the South. States with hot climate such as Nevada and Texas owe their population booms to air-conditioning. You can only imagine the heat in closed-in establishments in these states. Can you bear watching a movie in theaters under desert heat and without air-conditioning? We do not think so.

Leading the way for air-conditioning use is the New York Stock Exchange building in 1903. Through the years, the developments in air-conditioning technology also paved the way for innovations in medical care. It led to new discoveries that limited the spread of diseases and extending human life expectancy. In warmer climates, air-conditioning systems also contributed to an increase in worker productivity.

Did you know today’s air-conditioning system was first conceptualized 500 years ago by the Persians? They constructed huge wind towers that scooped incoming cool breeze while the internal vanes pushed the hot air out. Considering the extreme heat they endured, this ancient air-conditioning design was especially helpful. Ancient Chinese engineers also have their version that served as their cooling mechanism. They created a 10-foot rotary fan, which can be operated by a single operator. By turning the crank, this huge device can cool an entire hall.

Heating Systems

Can you guess who came up with the idea of heating systems? The Romans had something similar to what we have today. Using slab stones as their flooring, there was a heat source underneath them, which served as a source of radiant heating. In the 12th century, the first rudimentary chimneys were also built. These were later refined and becoming more commonplace in the 16th century. By 1883, Thomas Edison came up with the first electric heater. About 13 years later, the first solar water heater was invented in the U.S. It was in our distant past that the sun was our only heat source. Starting with the discovery of fire, we, as an entire race, have evolved efficient heating systems that enhance the comfort and convenience of our homes.

HVAC Repair Starts with Good Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Did you know 9 in 10 HVAC systems fail because of dirt and dust? Through routine inspection and cleanup, you can ensure that your device will run smoothly and efficiently. Thus, timely and regularly HVAC repair is crucial if you want optimum functioning of your system. ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric provides comprehensive HVAC repair that includes routine cleaning and replacement of filters for your air-conditioning unit. By replacing a clogged filter, you can improve your system’s performance while reducing energy consumption up to 15 percent. If you have pets at home or is exposed to dust, it is also important to have your air-conditioner vents cleaned. An excessive buildup of pet dander and dust can make your HVAC system work harder, contributing to high-energy costs and increased susceptibility to wear and tear. Whatever type of unit you have, you can rely on ESCO Heating, AC, Plumbing & Electric to provide you with fast, professional HVAC repair services. If you have concerns regarding your system or would like to get up-front, accurate estimates, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call (801) 204-9444 to schedule your consultation.