Indoor Air Quality Services in Salt Lake City Utah and Along the Wasatch Front

Our changing indoor environment:

A very long time ago when humans lived outdoors, breathing fresh air was an everyday occurrence. Mother Nature did a great job of keeping our air lean and safe to breathe. Thunder storms, lightning, and ultraviolet energy from the sun continually cleansed the outdoor air. Today however, our outdoor air is more polluted than ever and yet Mother Nature is still at work keeping the outdoor air as clean as possible.

indoor air quality

The natural cleansing process which occurs outdoors does riot exist indoors. Over time we I humans have introduced a huge array of pollutants in to our homes from building materials, adhesives, cleaning chemicals, disinfectant sprays, deodorizers, insecticides, paints, stains and the list goes on! In our attempts to conserve energy, we have also tightened up our homes; locking in these contaminants and making the situation even worse. In a “tight” home, airborne chemicals can create toxic compounds that are simply re-circulated in the living space causing headaches, dizziness and other ailments The Environmental Protection Agency ~EP A) states that our indoor air environment can be 2 – 5 times and as much as 100 times worse than the worst outside air. Several respiratory illnesses such as, asthma and allergies are on the rise along with other ailments caused by contaminated indoor air; such as headaches, dizziness, depression, respiratory infections, throat and ear infections, colds and flu .. The National Center for Health Statistics (2001) reported an alarming increase of people suffering from severe allergies and asthma because of poor indoor air quality. A Harvard School of Public Health study revealed that out of 120 homes tested for toxic gases and compounds 100 of them had levels that exceeded safe standards across the nation.

So, how does your house score on Indoor Air Quality?

Do you vacuum at least 2 times a week? Does your vacuum have a HEPA filter? Do you vacuum the furniture? Do you mop your floors once a week with hot water only (no detergents)? Do you dust more than once a week? Do you use a microfiber dust cloth? Have you had your air ducts cleaned w1ithin the last year? Have you had your furnace cleaned within the last year?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you have an indoor air quality issue. How about these?

Do you have in-door Pets? Is there a smoker in the house? Do you fry and or grill your food more than twice a week? Do you use cleaning detergents to clean your home? Have you repainted any inside walls in the last 2 years? Have you had any remodeling or construction in your home in the last 2 years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you have an indoor air quality issue. So, what can You do about it?

The answer is to address the cause, not the symptoms, with a whole house indoor air cleaning strategy. Your heating and cooling equipment moves over l million cubic feet of this polluted air everyday throughout your home. This is the perfect place to mount the attack on your indoor air quality problem. We are not talking about a room by room application, but a whole house air cleaning system that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes your air 24 hours a day naturally and without using any dangerous chemicals or sprays. Call ESCO Services today to schedule a free in-home evaluation and improve the quality of life for yourself, your family and even your pets. (801) 204-9444